Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

everyday-prayers1Everyday Prayers - Sue Box  - Lion Publishing

There are lots of things and people to be thankful for all throughout the day. Each of the seven color tabs in this colorful prayer book corresponds to a different blessing and the pages feature objects of the appropriate colour for children to identify. It presents very simple prayers featuring a theme or subject that relates closely to the world and everyday experiences of a young child. Filled with colourful, cheerful illustrations, this is an ideal resource for toddlers and parents alike.

Quiet Corners - Lynn Chambers - BRF

It can be difficult to help young children find the space for quiet-corners1personal prayer in their lives, between school and friends and church. Quiet corners helps to show them that prayer doesn't just have to be for Sunday school, or when they're tucked up in bed.

Creative Ideas for Quiet Corners is designed to encourage children to find space for prayer by creating a physical prayer space in the home or at church that children can visit and enjoy. Each prayer idea uses simple but effective materials to create a quiet, reflective corner. The book also offers practical support to parents and leaders, so they can help children to move at their own pace into a sense of quietness and prayer.  Creative Ideas for Quiet Corners is ideal for children aged 6-10. It is also suitable for children's workers looking for a focus for creativity and prayer.

barnabas-childrens-prayers1 copyBarnabas Children's Prayer Bethan James - BRF

Perfect for bedtime or anytime, Barnabas Children's Prayers is a beautifully illustrated collection of simple prayers, designed to help children pray about the different experiences encountered in daily life.

The collection contains nearly 40 different themes covering a wide variety of topics, such as God's love for us; our concerns for ourselves, other people and the world; celebrations and holidays across the year; our family, friends and pets; and many other aspects of everyday life. The range of subjects is broad and refreshingly bold including several for Good Friday and, from a child, one for their soldier brother. The book has prayers written by named authors and includes prayers written by children ranging in age from five to nine.The illustrations are delightful and help make this a lasting gift and resource in one volume.

The Lords Prayer Unplugged - by Lucy Moore -  BRF

The Lord's Prayer Unplugged  provides a unique opportunity to explore the biblical breadth the-lords-prayer-unplugged1and depth encapsulated in Jesus' famous prayer. The material can be used as a complete teaching programme over the course of ten weeks.

Alternatively, each unit stands alone so that the phrases can be studied separately and linked into the teaching of a Bible passage springing from the phrase.  Each phrase of the prayer is explored through colourful, creative ideas, offering a wealth of thematic gems for Children's workers  and teachers to pick and choose to suit.

ultimate-creative-prayer1 Ultimate Creative Prayer - Judith Merrel  - Scripture union

Ultimate Creative Prayer is crammed full of creative and imaginative ways to help you and your children's group get praying. Ideas include prayers to draw and make, prayers to shout and sing, prayers to pray alone and pray together. Inside you'll find all the instructions and guidance you need to help your group pray and grow together.

Multi-Sensory prayer - Sue Wallace - Scripture Union

What on earth have candles, autumn leaves, magazines, sandpits, pebbles, seeds, mirrors multi-sensory-prayersand DIY labyrinths got in common? Well, the answer is they can all help you pray. Sue Wallace presents a tried-and-tested collection of fresh and inspiring ideas to help this generation meet God in active, experiential prayer.

A collection of over 60 ideas to help you meet God in active, experimental prayer! It includes hands-on, step by step tips on everything from innovative new techniques, meditations and rituals borrowed from across the Christian tradition.  This is an adaptable resource for use with all ages.

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