Pioneer Fund

SYNOD PIONEER FUND - For Significant Mission Projects

The Synod Pioneer Fund exists to support missional, pioneering, people-focused, ecumenical, risk-taking projects. The Fund is normally for projects that require a minimum grant of £100,000. Grants may not be approved which exceed the amount of unallocated funding in the Pioneer Fund Account. The criteria to be met by projects are set out in the downloadable ‘Pioneer Fund Criteria and Process Guidance Note’.

Applications for funding may be made by

  • any local church in the Eastern Synod;
  • the Synod Mission Committee (in respect of a development area);
  • the Synod Pastoral Committee (in respect of a “pioneer ministry”).Any application must have the support of the Area Partnership(s) that accommodates the application within its area of operation, the support of Synod through its various committees and the Trust Company as appropriate.

In practice a body considering a Pioneer Mission Project should, before commencing any detailed planning, contact the Resources Officer, Penelope Davies-Brown.

In accordance with the precepts of the Basis of Union preference will be given to projects of an ecumenical nature.

Each applicant body will be expected to provide

  • a clear mission statement;
  • evidence of an honest appraisal of its situation within the local community in which it will operate;
  • evidence of a full exploration of the opportunities for ecumenical cooperation;
  • confirmation of a thorough investigation of other sources of finance, or of the financial input of partner organisations;
  • a detailed and fully costed professionally prepared plan with full information on the way in which the project will be managed through its development and planning stage, its implementation and its on-going operation. Expenditure timing estimates are essential. Applicants must expect to make a personal presentation to a panel drawn from the various relevant Synod Committees as part of the process of seeking approval.

The Synod Resources and Executive Committees will monitor the project throughout and the former will report all applications and their progress to a full meeting of Synod. The Resources Committee will also advise Synod meeting when there are sufficient funds in the Pioneer Fund Account to invite new applications.

Download: Pioneer Fund Criteria and Process Guidance Note
Download: Pioneer Fund Application Form

The current Pioneer Fund balance as at 31 December 2014 - £232,635.

Finance Policy

Synod Finance Policy 2015

At the March 2015 Synod Meeting it was resolved to adopt a revised Finance Policy. A copy of this policy is to be found via the download link below

Download: Synod Finance Policy (agreed March 2015 Synod Meeting)

Still Current Eastern Synod Financial Resolutions

Paragraph 2.13 of the 2015 Synod Finance Policy states that "Finance-related resolutions of previous Synod meetings which are still in force will ... be listed on the [Synod] website."  Download the resolutions currently in force.

Download: Still Current Eastern Synod Finance Resolutions

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