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A Pioneering God for A Pioneering People

A Pioneering God - for a Pioneering People - Being Church for Our Generation

pioneeringgodtextReflections on creating worshipping communities that connect with 21st century society

This is the seventh in this series of Focus booklets. It has come out of a growing belief that whilst we are part of a society that is seeking meaning and purpose to life, people are looking less and less to the church for the answers.

Ministers, elders and members of our local churches are doing much to promote and live out the Christian faith, but there is such a cultural gap between our contemporary high-tech scientific, fragmented and pluralistic society and church life, that people see the church as irrelevant. This is particularly so with those of younger generations. How do we bridge this gap? This booklet is an attempt to supplement what is happening in church life with additional thinking and practical ideas that may help to enable us to reach out to those who may otherwise never have the opportunity to experience the love, forgiveness, acceptance and hope that we know and God wishes to offer to all people.

Extract from the introduction to this Focus Booklet written by the Revd Peter Ball, Eastern Synod MTO

Printed and fully illustrated copies of the booklet are available to purchase - please e-mail Sue Drane at the Synod Office for more information and to order copies.

Download: a text only version of Peter Ball's booklet 'A PIONEERING GOD - FOR A PIONEERING PEOPLE'

Creative God Creative Worship


Creative God - Creative Worship

Reflections upon how and why we can be creative in our worship services

Being creative and inspiring in a changing worldWorship is at the heart of our life together as local congregations in the URC. It is the time when the majority of church people meet together for Bible reading, praise and prayer, and it is from worship that the rest of the life of the church and its mission flow. It is therefore important that our worship is conducted in a way that brings glory to God and opens up the opportunity for people to meet with God, both corporately and individually.

Download: Creative God Creative Worship Booklet Text Version

From Welcome to Belonging

From Welcome to Belonging - God's Welcome and the Local Church

welcome-to-belongingReflections upon the welcome we offer at our local churches

In our high-tech society more and more people rely on technology and mechanisation to serve and communicate with others. In some ways this is a great asset – to more easily contact others when out and about by mobile phone, to quickly and easily send messages to groups of people via email.  We can do our banking and shopping on-line without leaving the home. However it may mean that we have lost something of the 'personal touch' and sense of belonging with others in our communities. The church may use technological advances, but primarily is a fellowship of people who are to physically embody God's love and grace in a personal way and do this by welcoming and including all who would seek God's peace and meaning in their lives into the world-wide body of Christ.

Download: From Welcome to Belonging Booklet

Mission Possible

mission-possible-textReflections upon engaging with Mission in the Local Church

A Christian Reflection and study resource for groups and individuals

Welcome to the latest booklet in my series that aims to equip the local church for its life together and its mission to its community and the wider world. This booklet will focus upon local church mission in Britain in the 2,000s. It seeks to build upon the URC Vision4Life initiative of the last three years, in which churches have looked at the Bible, Prayer and Evangelism. I am aware that some churches have now finished the Vision4Life materials whilst others are still engaging with them. However what is obvious from the high take up Vision4Life is that many churches have engaged with the initiative with real enthusiasm and found that they have been challenged to look afresh at their mission and how they go about it and have been changed in the process. I also hope this resource will be an accompaniment to the National Church’s framework for mission, Vision 2020 and our Eastern Synod Local Mission & Ministry Review process.    

Download: Mission Possible Booklet Text Version

Caring for all

A Pastoral Care Course   - A course for all those involved in offering care from a Christian perspective

What is the Course About?caring-for-all-2016

The purpose of the course is for those who have responsibility for caring for people involved with church communities. The quality of our caring is a sign of God’s love to and for one another as the church looks to be the body of Christ. It is also a witness to the wider community that Christians have something special to offer a broken world that needs healing and reconciliation.

Mission Tools


Vision Initiatives

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